Conscious Breathing for Body and Mind…Online Classes and Private Sessions

During this time of sheltering in place (and maybe beyond!) I will be offering online classes and private sessions. The primary practices  emphasize the exhale which engages the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). The benefits include lowering blood pressure and respiratory rate, improving digestion and sleep, reducing anxiety and cultivating an overall sense of well being.

Breathwork has been an ebbing and flowing part of my practice for 30 years and it seems like there’s never been a better time to share and help others cultivate more physical health, particularly in the lungs, as well as mental health. Some of these breaths are easy enough for you to employ as you go about your daily activities as well as something you could sit down and do as an intentional, daily practice.

Classes are free or by donation ($10-$20 suggested)

Mondays 7pm PST, Wednesdays 4pm PST, Saturdays 10am PST

Contact me for Zoom links

Private sessions $40/hr 

Breathing can have a lot attached to it, trauma, control, joy, pleasure, it can be a real mixed bag. In a private session we can explore thoughts, emotions, challenges etc… and I will guide you through to the other side.

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