With all of the protocols for safer practice in place (I am vaccinated with booster as are housemates, massage space is well ventilated and also has a HEPA filter running) I  am open to those that have been vaccinated and boosted and are also practicing the highest standards of safety and precaution with regards to Covid 19. Just email me via the contact page, include your phone number and we can have a phone conversation to determine if we will be a good fit at this time.

Within each of our bodies is written the story of our lives. Each experience~love, loss, joy, sorrow, triumph, trauma, ease and discomfort~leaves remnants, not only in our memories but in muscles, bones, organs and energetic field. Though we can’t change what we’ve experienced we can change how we feel about it and its subsequent effect.

Therapeutic massage and energetic work are perhaps the greatest gifts I have to offer the planet this time around. I absolutely love this “work” and feel blessed to get to share it with you. Using a variety of modalities either exclusively or combined~ Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, Acupressure, Conscious Breathing, Creative Visualization~ together we can reduce every day or long held stress, release and lengthen overworked muscles to free the body as well as uncovering and unwinding dis-empowering habits/beliefs so we can create a more harmonious pattern, or story…so the Spirit can soar!


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