Online Sessions

Conscious Breathwork

Breathwork has been an ebbing and flowing part of my practice for 30 years and it seems like there’s never been a better time to share and help others cultivate more physical health, particularly in the lungs, as well as the heart and mind. Breathing can have a lot attached to it, trauma, control, joy, pleasure, it can be a real mixed bag. In these sessions we will explore thoughts, emotions, challenges connected to breathing/holding the breath etc… that can impact all area of your life.

Immediate benefits include lowering blood pressure and respiratory rate, improving digestion and sleep, reducing anxiety and cultivating an overall sense of well being.

Breathwork Sessions $60/hr 


Guided Self Massage

Using our own hands, elbows and forearms as well as some tools we will explore ways to relieve tension and discomfort in the arms, wrists, hands, shoulders and back. Every time I receive these sessions I am amazed at how helpful it is, with someone there guiding me… 

Tools that would be helpful to have handy include a tennis or preferably  a lacrosse ball  and a foam roller.

Guided Self Massage Sessions $60/hr


For other healing modalities that readily translate to the online format-










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